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What Jane Needs

The cats need feeding,
Dick needs clean underwear,
Anne Marie needs more clothes,
the lawn needs mowing,
Dad needs a letter,
the Exeter store wants finger puppets,
the rug needs vacuuming,
the toilets need cleaning,
the car needs to be inspected,
the floor in the kitchen needs washing,
the garden needs weeding,
they need me at the soup kitchen,
the windows need cleaning,
they want me at school,
the potters guild show proposal needs to be finished,
the parsley needs to be dried,
I need to brush my teeth,
the shutters need painting,
Gabriella needs a bike,
Carine needs a harmonica,
Aunt Jick needs to see me,
Alex needs a truck,
the ceiling needs patching,
Aurore needs a second helping,
the garbage needs to be emptied!
Dial 1-800 HELP ME PLEASE.
I need a nap.