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66 Major Corporations Can't be Wrong

Help me lady liberty. Should I vote for Bush?
I love the boots, I was a "C" Student in college too,
I believe we have trillions of dollars left in the surplus
and that Chenney might get me a lucrative retirement package.
And -- W's pro choice on which health plan to get.
So why not support the million dollar underdog?
I need someone to tell me where Kosovo is also!
What's wrong with that?
If you're a big gun carry one,
its your second amendment right!

On the other hand I love Gore's brown shirts,
I was a "C" student in college too,
I also think peace and prosperity are cool,
I love them truckers
and my father also worked in a job supported by taxpayers.
I have a soft spot in my heart for nerds,
and lets face it, no one is cuter than Tipper.

Sixty six major corporations have already supported them BOTH
to the tune of fifty thousand dollars.
So what should I do?
VOTE FOR BOTH OF THEM, flip a coin?
Help me Lady Liberty.

This sculpture piece won the Sculpture Prize at the Dunfey Memorial Exhibit, Levy Gallery, Portsmouth, NH in October 2000.