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Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe fell in love with Stieglitz,
a photographer in a cape,
who put up an exhibition of her
work without her permission.
She went to New York to make him take it down
but instead she let him launch her career.

A few years later he moved into her room
and started taking her picture.
To return this favor she began
summering with his family at Lake George.
He got her exhibitions.
In 1924 he was 60 and she was 37.

He divorced his wife, married Georgia
and they moved into a hotel
where she worked from sunup to sunset
and always ate in restaurants.
Not at bad life, but all was not well.

Seven years later she began to live alone,
apart from him in New Mexico.
She bought a Ghost Ranch
and continued painting.
Stieglitz got old, sick and died.

The moral to this story:
if you want to have a career in the arts
marry someone who can make you famous.

This piece is now in the collection of Wheaton College,
in Norton MA, a gift of Madeline Farnsworth.