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Ferdinand and Isabella

Ferdinand and Isabella were teenagers when they got married.
They had to borrow money to pay for their wedding but they got busy quick.
In ten years they conquered the Moors and united Spain.
They built new roads, codified the law, reduced the powers of the nobles.
Then to really unify things they reintroduced the Inquisition.
10,000 heretics were burned at the stake.
In 1492 all Jews were expelled from Spain.
In that same year they sent Christopher Columbus around the world.
On October 13 he discovered San Salvador.
He brought glass beads, red hats, and took home tobacco, some gold, and slaves.
It's hard to decide now if these pepole were good or bad.
We never discriminate against minorities today or take over foreign lands.
These things happened a long time ago.
That was then and this is now.