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Museum of Fine Arts

I thought I had hit the Big Time
when the MFA in Boston called.
They wanted my work for their shop.
They ordered and ordered.
Orbs, angels for the Christmas catalog, more orbs.
As soon as one order was sent they called in another.
In the end I made 1,250 angels.

Wait a minute, I had a life!
I was not going to spend the rest of my life
making angels for the MFA.
What a drag!

Then there was the problem of the business office.
They were good at ordering but not good at paying.
Once the head of purchasing had to get me my money.
After Christmas I had 2 overdue bills from November.
One got paid in April and the other one
didn't get paid until the end of May.
People who called willingly about ordering
didn't answer my calls about paying.

Meanwhile, I was receiving appeals for donations
to the Museum and even a call from
the ordering department
for 1000 angels for next year.

This is the Big Time?
I quit!
I give up!
Smaller is better!

This piece was exhibited and sold at the Levy Gallery
in the Spring of 2000.
I refused to make angels for the MFA this year.

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