Home Page Serious Resume

When I was taking printmaking in 1988
I got the idea to make myself
lying down with a book
containing a resume for my stomach.

I made a long print which I folded up.
The most important page
was an acknowledgement
of my mentors who gave
me the following bits of wisdom:

Ellie Nelson said "Make More"
Chuck Chamberlain told me to "Make it Bigger"
Clint Thorton advised "Don't always fill in all the lines"
Jayne Dwyer suggested I do it from my gut
Gerry Williams allowed I should "Get Serious"
and Armand Szainer asked me to "End up with Something"
My printmaking teacher,
Scott Schnepf said he never exactly knew what
was going on in my work.

I also included my voting record,
a list of my two good friends
and clubs I belonged to
like the New Hampshire Potters Guild
and the Dover Friends Meeting Silly Club.
I mean, how much do you really want to know about a person?