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Just Like Gerry

When I first saw Gerry Williams' work
LBJ was president
and we were in Viet Nam.
His sculptures were about
the big issues of the day:
Race, Politics, Peace and War.
They actually said something.
He and I wee destined to be friends.

I found out about Gandhi,
Gerry's time in prison
for his pacifist convictions,
how he built is house,
started the potter's guild back up
and even had pots at his Christmas sale
that everyone could afford.
He lived his beliefs.

His influence on me has been so great
that I feel him sitting on my shoulder.
He's in my dreams at night.
I have given up aspiration
for fame and money.
I am a 68 year old artist
who sometimes asks,
"What would Gerry Do?"

"What would Gerry make?"
So I continue along trying to be
polite, kind and courageous.
Trying to make work
that will make a difference -
work with content -
work that might
someday change the world.