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Dear Friend, when we are old
and you go to live
near your daughter in Virginia
and I go to live
near my daughter in Texas,
I will never forget you.
Every day I will
write you a letter
with pictures in the margins
and a poem at the end.

I will talk to you over the miles,
just like we talk now.
Once a year I will try
to come where you are.
How can I not?
You who are a
"gift to my family"
appearing next to me
in the middle of my
worst year ever.

Bringing dinners and cookies
and pies, making origami
necklaces for my grandchildren,
showing up more than once at
the emergency room
when my father was sick.
If your only possessions
are your actions you are
a wealthy woman.

So I promise, when we are old
I will prop you up,
entertain you,
listen to your stories,
send you flowers.
I will be there,
just on the other side of
a piece of paper,
at your back, for eternity.