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When Grandma came to our house
she always slept with me in my bed.
She snored.
Her mouth would open in a little hole
and noise would come out.
I loved that noise and I loved her.

She had six children and lots of grandchildren
but I was her favorite.
When I was little she made me a velvet Christmas stocking.

Grandma never forgot my birthday.
Every year she sent me a present wrapped in fancy paper.
Sometimes it was a book but usually it was notepaper.

She came when my brother was born;
she came when mom got sick;
she came on her way home from visiting her other kids.
She could travel all over the world
with only one suitcase.

When I was 20 I visited her for Christmas.
I was with her when she fell over dead.
I called 911 but it was too late.

I still think of her every day
and dream about her at night.
We are in a garden and I walk up to her
and say, "Grandma, I love you"
and she says, "I know."