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Everyday I take Alex out in his stroller.
I used to take a nature walk but Alex likes to look at trucks.
He likes fire hydrants, stop signs, poles, buses,
construction workers, backhoes, and motorcycles.
We start down the road.
His hand shoots up.
"Dis" he says as he spies a fire hydrant.
We stop and touch it.
Cars swoosh by.
He waves.
People walk by.
They smile.
Everyone loves a cute baby.
"Dat" he says as we pass a parked motorcycle.
On we go.
Faster and faster.
Down by EOS we see a backhoe.
Near the library we see a crane.
The construction workers wave.
We wave.
Next come the parking meters.
On every one we turn the violation sign.
Click, click, click.
Down the road past parked cars, past the police station,
through town, through the parking lot and up the hill.
Now Alex is tired.
He wants me to sing.
I do.
We are on Grandma's street and it is all downhill.
I am happy.

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