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Buy and Fly We're Back to Normalcy

Before 9 o'clock, Sept. 11,
the news was all about Gary and Chandra,
the social securety surplus
and could Michael Jackson make a comeback.

Then the terrorists hit
and for a few days everything stopped.

I checked to see if my family and friends were safe
and then I sat down and couldn't move.
We were safe but what was going to happen next?
I was afraid.

I couldn't believe it the day
the stock market reopened
when vice president Cheney told us all
to BUY A SHARE OF STOCK for America.
Then 2 days later President Bush
told us to GO TO THE MALL.
Get back to normalcy and go buy something.
We're going to war and the president
is telling us to go to the mall.
Next it was time to fly the friendly skys

I don't want to buy anything,
I don't wnat to go to Disneyland,
I don't want to bomb anyone.
I don't want to go to the mall.
If I buy a share of stock will it really help America?
Everyone is nuts.

Like Candide I think I'll go outside
and cultivate my garden.