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What I Do and Don't Believe

I don't believe in the tooth fairy,
the easter bunny
or that the meek inherit the earth.
That you have to be with us
or you're against us,
that blondes have more fun
or that people need call waiting.

I don't believe that healing circles are helpful,
that God is a woman,
that TV is evil
or that books should be censored.
In settling things with lawyers,
that the past was better than the present
or that the best man wins.

I do believe that it's good to be kind,
that walking is good for you,
that you reap what you sow,
that it takes one to know one
and that my grandchildren are more beautiful
than other people's grandchildren.

I believe that you inherit your family
but you get to choose your friends,
that wealth without work is a grevious sin,
that global warming is already here,
and that if you want to get something done
you have to do it yourself.