White bird old photo My garden

“The Moment Was Powerful”
My friend Nancy had made some big white bird puppets and then I saw this papago Duck used in a ceremony and I combined them both in a Southwestern landscape.
I drew this from an old photograph. The little boy’s face was in focus but his sister was a blur. I wondered who they were waiting for and if your face could become a blur, just in the waiting. My Garden and Monet’s Garden - I was having a garden withdrawal.
“If I had had a wife, I would have stayed longer”

Nike Singing

“Nike - Eat Your Heart Out”
This painting was done on a napkin too. My son had just run the Chicago marathon and had not taken his cell phone with him because it was too heavy to carry in a road race - and I saw this photograph of some Papago Indian women running the olla race in high heels and sweaters with pots on their heads. And I wanted to honor those women.
Life is a shipwreck. Don't forget to sing in the lifeboat (Maybe by Voltaire).

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